Healing Process for Trauma Survivors

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They need to hear the Gospel AGAIN for the FIRST time!

1st Quarter 2018

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I wish I had a 1000 lives to live for Christ.

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Being the muddy hands and feet of Jesus


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December Newsletter 2014

We began this “Journey of Faith” 25-years-ago

Once upon a time two people fell in love, got married, and asked the Lord, Jesus Christ, to be glorified in, through, and by their family. We have seen God answer that heart-felt prayer and God has been faithful to lead us on this journey of faith.

Beginning our 15th year of ministry in West Virginia
The Rosedale Community Center/Mission began in 2000, and continues to reach out to the community with the Gospel. We have hosted thousands of mission team workers whose lives have been greatly impacted by their visits and time with us as we serve Christ.

Past, present, and future
We have been blessed to serve the Lord in full-time ministry as a family. Now, the Lord continues to call us individually into different areas of ministry. We continue to minister in Rosedale; and the Lord has called us to serve in short-term missions in: China, Vietnam, Haiti, NY, SC, NM, and un-named. Our future and ministry is full of hope and anticipation of what God will do in the future.

We are looking for partners in ministry!
As we forge ahead in ministry we continue to need the Body of Christ to help us along the way. We are desperate for prayer partners, financial partners, and mission team workers to help us with outreach. Perhaps, God is calling you?

Everything we do is by faith
We have lived by faith during the past. We continue to trust the Lord to provide the resources necessary to reach out in our community with the love of Christ and the message of the Gospel.
webpage 2014 - 4th
How can you join us?

Pray for our family, the ministry, the community of Rosedale, and the mission workers.

Give financially to support our on-going work in Rosedale, and our travel/ministry expenses. All one-time gifts and monthly support are tax deductible, and year-end statements are sent out.

Come visit Rosedale. Our doors are always open, and we invite you to see what God is doing, work along-side us as we serve God, love our neighbors, and challenge/encourage believers to live for His glory.

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Ramsey Family Ministry Video

Once upon a time, two people fell in love, got married, and asked the Lord, Jesus Christ, to be glorified in, through, and by their family. We have seen God answer that heart-felt prayer, and God has been faithful through this journey of faith.

We pray you are blessed and encouraged as you watch this short presentation with pictures of folks we have been blessed to serve alongside.

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Seasons Bring Change (September 2014)

Left to right (Jeremiah, Dani, Clark, Joy, Charity)

Left to right (Jeremiah, Dani, Clark, Joy, Charity)

Our family/ministry has really made some huge changes in the past year. We had many milestones this season: Clark and Dani celebrate their 25th Anniversary, Jeremiah is now half-a-world-away, Micah celebrates his 5th year in Heaven, Charity is in college and serving whole-heartedly in summer missions, and Joy is serving in ministry while she finishes her high school studies. Seasons just seem to come and go so quickly.

Sometimes looking back is a good thing to do before we look forward. As we all take a moment to look back on our past seasons and prepare for the imminent change before us, we should ask the question:

What significanceAs a busy disciple, wife, mother, and minister I constantly have to ask myself if my priorities are in order. Too often, I am sure that I fall short by exchanging the temporal for the eternal. One thing that I learned many years ago is there are only three things that are eternal: God, the Word of God, and the souls of men and women. This one sentence helps me keep my life focused on what is really important — God, His Word, and people.

Start this season fresh! As we all “turn over a new leaf” as Fall begins, the weather changes, and seasons change — remember that every day we have the opportunity to serve God, love our neighbors, and live for the glory of the King and His Kingdom.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 fall leaves
To everything
there is a season …


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The Glenville Pathfinder – Folks Who Shine (July 2014)

Glenville Pathfinder Folks who shineTEEN MISSIONARIES HELP SPRUCE UP ROSEDALE AND GILMER COUNTY — The community of Rosedale has once again been filled with young adults from many states donating a week out of their summertime to help out the rural West Virginia town.

Through Next Step Ministries and other Christian ministry programs, these youth are brought in from many different locations for one week each, all summer long, to volunteer their labor in helping to make communities like Rosedale, a better place to live. In the final week of the program this summer, the mission plans to work on houses in the Glenville area.

This week’s missionaries are from NC, TN, WI, and IL, totaling over 120 in all. carter roofMany of these kids stay at Anchor Ministries in Glenville; however, some groups stay with locally involved residents, like the Clark and Dani Ramsey family of Rosedale.

Mrs. Ramsey explained that the scripture they based their objective from was Matthew 5:16 “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father, which is in Heaven.”

When discussing the mission work, Mrs. Ramsey spoke of the positive effects it is having on the kids as well. “It is important to help our neighbors, but the kids’ hearts are being touched too.”

Hammering, painting, digging, and singing, these kids fill Rosedale with their goods works, as their good works are also filling their hearts. For their selfless hard work, these youth and their leaders richly deserve this week’s “Folks Who Shine” compliment. The Editors


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Serving God, Loving our Neighbors, and Living for the Glory of God!

UPDATE 2nd Quarter 2014

Off-Season Trip! Oct. 15th-20th!_2771442333034480176_PhotoThis is Dani with Jenny (right) and Hannah (left). These beautiful ladies serve with Next Step as directors. Please pray for them as they prepare to serve in missions all summer this year. Hannah just returned from Africa and will return to Rosedale soon to lead nine weeks of missions. Jenny will be leading the teams in SC, and Charity will help; after the summer, Jenny plans to go on a one-year mission trip. We are so blessed to know these ladies and serve the Lord together.

Jeremiah, now 22, is headed out the middle of August to serve the Lord as He leads. Jeremiah has served in: China, Vietnam, Haiti, New Mexico, West Virginia, and New York since graduating in 2010.
Prior to his service last summer, he called us to tell us he was going to help Hurricane Sandy victims with Next Step. He paused, and said, “You need to know, though, ministering in the summers isn’t enough anymore. I feel the Lord is calling me full-time.” Of course we are overjoyed with Jeremiah’s heart to serve the Lord and others with his life.
Please pray with us as he prepares to leave for training in the next couple months. There is much preparation, and raising of his support for this two-year venture. Of course, we already know that two years won’t be enough either. Praise God for the opportunity to reach the world for Christ, and we praise God for our son’s heart to serve.

Charity is a Sophomore at Glenville State College. GSC is about 20 miles from the house, and Clark is involved in that college ministry. Charity is majoring in Elementary Education and playing for the college softball team. She is finding many opportunities to be a light for Jesus on the campus.
She also desires to serve the Lord with her life. While we are not in a hurry to send her to Africa, where her heart longs to be, she plans to serve this summer in a rural area of South Carolina, with Next Step Ministries. Char will be the Site Assistant and cook coming-alongside a community that looks very much like ours. She will be working with a friend in ministry, Jenny, whom served as our Site Director last year.
Please pray for Charity as she prepares her heart to serve all summer and tries to raise the support needed to make the ten week trip to minister to the children and families in SC.

Clark, Dani, and Joy remain anchored in Rosedale to serve with the nearly 800 workers we anticipate this year. We are eager to see what the Lord has in store for us, our neighbors, and the workers the Lord will bring to our little town this year.
We really don’t have a START to our mission season anymore. People come all year long to serve and grow in Christ. It is a blessing to see the impact the resources and help bring to our beloved neighbors, but we continue to notice that God is doing a great work in all our lives.
Please pray for us as we continue to “run the gauntlet” as we host large teams and intend to remain faithful to recognize what God is doing around us, and join Him in what He is doing. There is so much to share, and our newsletters are brief. Perhaps we will have the opportunity to sit and share with you all what God is doing in Rosedale, in our hearts, and in the lives of individuals the Lord continues to bring in our sphere? We thank everyone for prayers and support. Thanks for being part of what God is doing around us.


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Ramsey devotes his life to mission work ~ Braxton Citizen’s News

Braxton Citizen’s News ~ By Shirley Shuman ~ March, 2014

mexAlthough mission work and smuggling usually do not go together, in the case of one young missionary, they definitely did. Jeremiah Ramsey, a 2010 graduate of Braxton County High School has spent much of his time since high school doing mission work in different areas. On his very first mission, he actually spent two months smuggling.

Although the smuggling in which Ramsey participated was illegal in the area where it took place, it of course did not involve any of the materials which one generally associates with smuggling. Carrying Bibles in briefcases, he, a friend of his family, and other missionaries, smuggled them into China. He explained, “We were stationed in Hong Kong,” he said, “and we dressed as businessmen to carry out our mission.”

Continuing, Ramsey said, “Each of us—usually in groups of three to five— would take two briefcases filled with 70 to 80 pounds of Bibles. We took the train from Hong Kong to the Chinese border and there attempted to get through customs with the Bibles. Of course the Hong Kong inspectors didn’t stop us, but the Chinese usually scanned everyone’s items carefully.”

“We prayed while we waited outside the customs area, and then went in one at a time. Our briefcases were put on a conveyor belt to be scanned, and the scanner would show black blocks. Whether they opened our briefcases and confiscated the Bibles often depended upon the mood of the Chinese custom agents. If they were in a bad mood, they confiscated the Bibles, and then, on our way back into Hong Kong, we paid a fee and our “books,” as we were forced to call them, were returned to us,” he said. Those who made it through met at a previously designated place.

According to Ramsey, the missionaries actually learned which custom agents were most likely to stop them, and, he said, they would go “a maximum of three times when certain work crews were on duty.” He told the story of his experience with “one lady custom agent,” saying, “One day this lady caught me three times. The last time, she said to me, ‘We caught you many times today.’ Then she took my briefcases and said to me, ‘You sit in that chair for three hour!.’” He did just that, and then the customs worker gave him the briefcases and said, “Take your books and don’t come back!” Then Ramsey added, “The next day, she was in a better mood and didn’t even stop me.”

Following successful crossing into China, the missionaries “had several drop-off spots, usually a store-type building with a back room.” They would go through the store and into the back room where they packed the Bibles into boxes. Chinese citizens would come in to pick up the Bibles and take them to various underground Christian churches. “Those Chinese individuals risked their lives by distributing the Bibles,” Ramsey commented. “We would have been sent out of the country, but they might well have been executed.”

Following his two months smuggling Bibles into China, Ramsey and two others spent a month on mission work in Vietnam. Returning to Braxton, he worked for Bi-Con during the winter. He spent the next summer in New Mexico as part of Next Step Ministry. There the staff, of which he was a member, and different groups from churches from all over the United States—and even Korea, “worked on homes” on the reservation where they were stationed. Here Ramsey explained something of which many people are not aware. The students who volunteer to work on various missions, he said, “pay to come and they bring materials for the work being done with them.” He did say, however, that the mission staff feeds the students. Another point he made here was that much of the witnessing the staff members did was actually to the young volunteers.

“We developed one-on-one relationships with these young people,” he said, “and many accepted Christ after hearing our testimony.” He added that the staff also sometimes built the same type of relationships with those living on the reservation. However, that “often proved more difficult.”
Ramsey’s next mission came the following summer, again with Next Step Ministry. This time, they were based in Glenville and worked in Rosedale. “We built two full buildings and did work for 20-plus households that summer,” he said. Again, of course, the workers came from churches outside the state. They lived in Anchor Ministry’s building.

Ramsey spent an entire summer working in New York. “We worked to help the Hurricane Sandy victims,” he said. “With the volunteers from churches all over the U.S., we worked the entire summer helping these people rebuild.” One thing which he pointed out here was that they “worked a lot on the first floors of homes and other buildings.” He explained, “Many structures’ second floors remained intact,” adding “Of course, some buildings collapsed and were condemned.”

A later two-week trip to Haiti involved an effort to build homes which had been devastated by an earthquake. Ramsey emphasized that, in Haiti, the missionaries “were just laborers” and said, “The Haitians told us what to do” and admitted the language barrier sometimes proved a problem. In Haiti, they made mud right in the middle of the dirt floors and worked from that. In addition to some repair work, the group built two entire houses.

The daily schedule began with a Haitian breakfast, which included a flat tortilla, some kind of meat, rice and beans—and which Ramsey pronounced “delicious”— from six to six-thirty. Following a one-hour ride in the back of a truck, they worked until four o’clock and headed back to the base. Their base was a mission center which included a school with armed guards at the front gate, a hospital, and a large church. Upon their return, they had devotions followed by dinner.

Some of the more interesting building Ramsey did with Next Step Ministry took place on a Navajo Indian reservation. There they built hogans, the traditional Navajo home. “Hogans are eight-sided structures,” Ramsey explained. “Some have dirt floors, but some of the younger Navajos want wooden floors,” he added. He also explained some of the Navajo’s superstitions about their homes. “The front door of a hogan has to face east to meet the sun. The building must also have one window facing each of the other three directions, and they hang a certain wreath on the door to keep out rattlesnakes,” he said.

Discussing his experiences on the reservation, Ramsey talked about an elderly lady who already had a home but for whom they built another building. “This elderly lady had 15 people living in her hogan. You can imagine how crowded that was, because the hogan is usually just one large room.

We built her another building, this one of wood, and we made sure it had eight sides,” he related.
Apparently the missionaries managed more one-on-one relationships with the Navajo than with other groups. Ramsey said he “grew close to a lady named Marie.” He said, “When I first met her, she had leukemia and was somewhat reluctant [to get involved with the church services]. She used to come to church with a friend. One night, though, she came into the church and looked for her friend. She even called her name, and when someone told her the friend wasn’t there, she just turned around and left.” Continuing, Ramsey said that Marie had leukemia, but “since she began a relationship with Christ, she has been getting well.”

Jeremiah Ramsey, whose parents are Clark and Dani Ramsey of Rosedale, obviously takes his missionary work seriously. Vowing that he plans to continue” helping others and bringing the lost to Christ,” he currently possesses a goal of completing missions in other countries and is working to accomplish that goal. Driven by his own faith and the desire to help others, his success seems certain.

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